Shfunny Days

Today was short. Funny. And Sunny.

Yeah, yeah, the day isn’t quite over, but I’m out of the sun and I’m doing work. So it’s pretty much onto my night routine for me.

I’ve noticed that I have a weather theme going on here. Not intentional.
I’ve noticed that I haven’t addressed why it was funny today. Intentional.

Today was funny because LIFE is funny. I woke up this morning thinking it was Saturday only because I forgot to set my alarm. Luckily my father has bestowed upon me the art of waking up before or around 9 am regardless of the day.

Woke up 10 minutes before my class.
Looked at my clock.
Put my head back down.
Realized I had no alarms set.
Thought it was Saturday.
Realized it was 9:20.
Realized it wasn’t Saturday.
Realized I had to print out and turn in a group essay.
Got to class one minute late.
Teacher was completely cool and a bit sympathetic.
This is because I sound like someone beat up my vocal chords.
I have a cold.
The sun is out.
Things could be worse.

Missing home.

Countdown: 23 days til I leave for home. On the 24th day I’ll be home. May 15.

Countdown to finals: *bleh* 19 days.

p.s. Saw this ESPN program about the female possible GM for the Dodgers. She kicks ass. She’s asian. I love asian people. “Everyone loves an asian girl.” <— totally had that shirt in 9th grade. I was pretty cool back then. =]

Girl in Like with life


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