I gave my room a face-lift. It needed it; it was still the lavender color I chose when I “moved out” of my sister’s room. I called this room the “apartment” because I turned to my mom and said “Ma! I need my own apartment!” And voila: The apartment. But the apartment needed some new vibes. I’m not 11 anymore. I’m almost 19. I’m technically an adult, although still considered a teenager. Weird.

I chose a brown color. Went to the Home Depot with mom and got to work. It looked like it was going to be this ugly tan color… but it dried very nicely. Until we realized the purple of my walls was coming through in a lot of patches on all four walls. We found all of the problem spots and took care of them with another coat.
Painting the room!

The room looks great, if you were wondering.
I put my desk back in here.
Took out my bench (r.i.p.).
I ordered a new quilt and new sheets from PBTeen.
(I’m ridiculously excited for them to arrive).
The colors are brown and green. And white.

The room looks like it belongs to an (almost) adult.
Not a prepubescent girl.

I started working out again.
Like pretty intensely.
Think Britney Spears at her “fattest” and you’ve got (not) me.
Now picture one of the America’s Next Top Model girls
and you’ve got… not me.

I shall fall delicately and athletically somewhere in between those.
I’m pumped.
Goodbye love handles. Hello bike handles.
Goodbye milky thighs. Hello exercise.
(Not as clever as the handle pun, but it rhymes.)
(Everyone likes rhymes.)

Anyways… I’m sitting in my (new) room right now.
Good vibrations are flowing and I’m craving a burrito.
I worked out today, guys! I’m allowed to indulge!
(But thanks for lookin’ out for me!)

Signed, The Girl in Like with Paint.


We Are

RIGHT where we’re supposed to be.
This doesn’t make a teenager’s life any easier. It’s so easy to look back at a hard week and go “Everything worked out… It usually always does.” It’s harder to be caught in the midst of troublesome times and tell yourself “Eh, RELAX. Come this time tomorrow, you’ll be glad this happened.”

Friends. They are so important, but yet so trivial.
I’m realizing more and more that you just need one good one. Or a few.. a very FEW good ones.
Mine are all hundreds of miles from me for the better part of each year now. That was rough. We didn’t talk much… but it’s clear we’re still in love with each other.
Come on, Distance, you’re gonna have to work a lot harder than that.

Anyways… like momma says, “you’re here for a reason.” I sat on the couch tonight (teary-eyed, it happens) and complained about how all of my friends are unreliable (except a select few) and wondered irrationally why all of my friends couldn’t be like me. Well, Lindsay, dear, sweet, Lindsay. That’d be annoying as hell. You’re cool, but 10 of you? Let alone 2 of you? It’s a bit much. I realize this. Don’t worry.

But then I realized, what the hell: I’m only 18. I act like I expect everyone else to be on the same level as I am. But they weren’t raised by my parents. They didn’t grow up with my sister. They didn’t have my brother to look up to.

I like our differences.
I like my messed up world.
I like my unreliable friends… it keeps it interesting.
I like not knowing what’s about to happen.

Life is funny. <– remind me that I want to have that be the title of one of my books. I’ve got big plans, people.
We all need to learn to laugh at stressful situations.
Cry in times of joy.
Feel scared during big decisions.
Feel happy when something goes wrong.
This is why:
Laughing releases endorphins, it makes sense.
Crying is good for you… don’t you feel better after? I do…
Get scared… it shows human qualities. No one can be so sure all of the time.
Get happy. Things could be worse. Things could always be worse.

And “Wear Sunscreen” haha.

p.s. If anyone reading this has control over this, do you wanna turn on the sun over Los Angeles? It’s May; I don’t think God noticed. Thanks.

Pale-Girl in Like

Sitting In an (almost) Empty Room

It’s mostly empty because my room mate is dropping stuff off at home and the usual clutter that hung from our coat rack on the back of our door is gone. It’s weird to see a reflection in a mirror that you never used because it was always hidden.
I don’t want to pack up stuff… It’s one of the few rooms that still has color on the walls and various places in the room (mainly my walls; all 100+ photos are still hanging, as are my 3 posters and my calendar and my green and pink post-it notes that I put eye level on my desk’s shelf to map out my week).

So what becomes of us after we leave this hallway? Do we see eachother again?
Will we make plans to eat pizza and watch movies like we did this year?
Will we keep in touch textually?
Will facebook keep us updated on each of our relationship statuses?
Will we slowly distance ourselves so we don’t feel guilty for never hanging out?

I say fuck what “might” happen.
Let’s redesign our lives one day at a time.
Let’s forget about each other and then rediscover our friendships at some random point in the near, or the not so near future.
Let’s make mistakes, reminisce about Freshman year, laugh at how dramatic we could be.
Let’s party like it’s 08-09 EVERY YEAR.
Let’s dance to songs we are embarrassed to admit we have on our iPods.
Let’s shake our asses to Rihanna and T-Pain like we did on Friday nights.
Let’s do everything.

I’ll look back on my last few days here and remember sitting alone in this empty room trying to figure out what to do.
To pack or not to pack.

Well… I like these choices better than “To study, or not to study//To sleep, or not to sleep?”
Farewell, Freshman Year.
You’ve been grand.

Almost Sophomore-Girl in Like

Definitely Listening to…

Elvis Presley.

I woke up with Jailhouse Rock stuck in my head for someeee reason.
So I put it on. And danced in my room. My iTunes was on shuffle. “Yeah” by Usher came on next. I feel this was fitting.

Any who… I’ve got four finals left. Somehow I made it through 4 papers, 2 tests, and 2 presentations in one week with my life and dignity still intact. I think I’ll be caught up on sleep by Sunday, which will be nice because I’ve got a final on Monday at noon, Tuesday at 8, Wednesday at 8 and at Noon.

Then I’ll pack the rest of my stuff. I already started… my closet will soon only contain Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday’s outfits. =] I’m excited.

8 days left folks. Then eternal sunshine with a hint of smog. Mmmm… smoggggg.

Finals Girl in Like

The end is near…er

So it may not be the end of the world… that’d be bad.
But the end of the school year is almost here.

That’s right folks. I’m about to have freshman year of college under my belt.
Scary thought. Growing up so fast… I remember applying to schools. Now I’m living at one.
Spending all of my free time in a library doing essays (incorrectly apparently) and doing research for projects that won’t really matter at the end of the week.

All in all, this year has been pretty good. I did the college deal. Went to parties, sat in my dorm, ate what I wanted, ran out of money, pulled all nighters, read the NY Times, pretended to read the NY Times, held intellectual conversations over coffee, pretended to hold intellectual conversations about coffee, discovered blogging, despised blogging, started blogging (on three? different mediums), watched facebook change, spent too much time on facebook, abandoned myspace, hit on guys, get hit on by guys, get hit on by girls, met new people, forgot those people’s names, ate dinner at 1 am, ate breakfast at 3 pm, bought new shoes (for $12), went to Seattle (10x?), avoided school work, paid for avoiding school work, befriended frat boys, let friends join sororities (lol), watched the nation choose a black president, helped choose that black president, heard some good music, forgot to continue making mine, gave up the collegiate hoop dreams, picked up post-collegiate dreams, altered my mindset, helped friends through trying times, tried to avoid those myself, fell in like with a boy, let that boy go, developed a new work ethic, resented that work ethic, lounged in the sun (finally), slept under those warm rays, let a friendship lay where it may, let myself relax, found out that sleeping is overrated but napping is not, watched too many movies, didn’t watch enough tv, almost got snowed in (Seattle), wanted to stay home after winter break, had a relaxing spring break, came back and worked my ass off, continued to work my ass off, and slacked off to write a blog entry.

Present day: I am wiser. I still have much to learn.

I’ve narrowed my types of crushes down:
Nerdy crush.
Man crush.
OOR crush (out of reach).
Nameless crush.
Jealousy crush.
Sweet crush.
Jerk crush.
Across the room crush.
Meantime crush.
In-Like crush. <— the big one. the one I fall in like with. (it’s the step right before in-love).

I haven’t had all of these crushes; I’m not THAT boy crazy. But they’re all out there.
And I’ve decided nerds are the best. SO underrated.

I’m breathing in the smell of coffee grounds, and oh, how sweet it is.

G’night, World.

Sleepy-Girl In Like