Definitely Listening to…

Elvis Presley.

I woke up with Jailhouse Rock stuck in my head for someeee reason.
So I put it on. And danced in my room. My iTunes was on shuffle. “Yeah” by Usher came on next. I feel this was fitting.

Any who… I’ve got four finals left. Somehow I made it through 4 papers, 2 tests, and 2 presentations in one week with my life and dignity still intact. I think I’ll be caught up on sleep by Sunday, which will be nice because I’ve got a final on Monday at noon, Tuesday at 8, Wednesday at 8 and at Noon.

Then I’ll pack the rest of my stuff. I already started… my closet will soon only contain Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday’s outfits. =] I’m excited.

8 days left folks. Then eternal sunshine with a hint of smog. Mmmm… smoggggg.

Finals Girl in Like


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