Sitting In an (almost) Empty Room

It’s mostly empty because my room mate is dropping stuff off at home and the usual clutter that hung from our coat rack on the back of our door is gone. It’s weird to see a reflection in a mirror that you never used because it was always hidden.
I don’t want to pack up stuff… It’s one of the few rooms that still has color on the walls and various places in the room (mainly my walls; all 100+ photos are still hanging, as are my 3 posters and my calendar and my green and pink post-it notes that I put eye level on my desk’s shelf to map out my week).

So what becomes of us after we leave this hallway? Do we see eachother again?
Will we make plans to eat pizza and watch movies like we did this year?
Will we keep in touch textually?
Will facebook keep us updated on each of our relationship statuses?
Will we slowly distance ourselves so we don’t feel guilty for never hanging out?

I say fuck what “might” happen.
Let’s redesign our lives one day at a time.
Let’s forget about each other and then rediscover our friendships at some random point in the near, or the not so near future.
Let’s make mistakes, reminisce about Freshman year, laugh at how dramatic we could be.
Let’s party like it’s 08-09 EVERY YEAR.
Let’s dance to songs we are embarrassed to admit we have on our iPods.
Let’s shake our asses to Rihanna and T-Pain like we did on Friday nights.
Let’s do everything.

I’ll look back on my last few days here and remember sitting alone in this empty room trying to figure out what to do.
To pack or not to pack.

Well… I like these choices better than “To study, or not to study//To sleep, or not to sleep?”
Farewell, Freshman Year.
You’ve been grand.

Almost Sophomore-Girl in Like


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