We Are

RIGHT where we’re supposed to be.
This doesn’t make a teenager’s life any easier. It’s so easy to look back at a hard week and go “Everything worked out… It usually always does.” It’s harder to be caught in the midst of troublesome times and tell yourself “Eh, RELAX. Come this time tomorrow, you’ll be glad this happened.”

Friends. They are so important, but yet so trivial.
I’m realizing more and more that you just need one good one. Or a few.. a very FEW good ones.
Mine are all hundreds of miles from me for the better part of each year now. That was rough. We didn’t talk much… but it’s clear we’re still in love with each other.
Come on, Distance, you’re gonna have to work a lot harder than that.

Anyways… like momma says, “you’re here for a reason.” I sat on the couch tonight (teary-eyed, it happens) and complained about how all of my friends are unreliable (except a select few) and wondered irrationally why all of my friends couldn’t be like me. Well, Lindsay, dear, sweet, Lindsay. That’d be annoying as hell. You’re cool, but 10 of you? Let alone 2 of you? It’s a bit much. I realize this. Don’t worry.

But then I realized, what the hell: I’m only 18. I act like I expect everyone else to be on the same level as I am. But they weren’t raised by my parents. They didn’t grow up with my sister. They didn’t have my brother to look up to.

I like our differences.
I like my messed up world.
I like my unreliable friends… it keeps it interesting.
I like not knowing what’s about to happen.

Life is funny. <– remind me that I want to have that be the title of one of my books. I’ve got big plans, people.
We all need to learn to laugh at stressful situations.
Cry in times of joy.
Feel scared during big decisions.
Feel happy when something goes wrong.
This is why:
Laughing releases endorphins, it makes sense.
Crying is good for you… don’t you feel better after? I do…
Get scared… it shows human qualities. No one can be so sure all of the time.
Get happy. Things could be worse. Things could always be worse.

And “Wear Sunscreen” haha.

p.s. If anyone reading this has control over this, do you wanna turn on the sun over Los Angeles? It’s May; I don’t think God noticed. Thanks.

Pale-Girl in Like


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