I gave my room a face-lift. It needed it; it was still the lavender color I chose when I “moved out” of my sister’s room. I called this room the “apartment” because I turned to my mom and said “Ma! I need my own apartment!” And voila: The apartment. But the apartment needed some new vibes. I’m not 11 anymore. I’m almost 19. I’m technically an adult, although still considered a teenager. Weird.

I chose a brown color. Went to the Home Depot with mom and got to work. It looked like it was going to be this ugly tan color… but it dried very nicely. Until we realized the purple of my walls was coming through in a lot of patches on all four walls. We found all of the problem spots and took care of them with another coat.
Painting the room!

The room looks great, if you were wondering.
I put my desk back in here.
Took out my bench (r.i.p.).
I ordered a new quilt and new sheets from PBTeen.
(I’m ridiculously excited for them to arrive).
The colors are brown and green. And white.

The room looks like it belongs to an (almost) adult.
Not a prepubescent girl.

I started working out again.
Like pretty intensely.
Think Britney Spears at her “fattest” and you’ve got (not) me.
Now picture one of the America’s Next Top Model girls
and you’ve got… not me.

I shall fall delicately and athletically somewhere in between those.
I’m pumped.
Goodbye love handles. Hello bike handles.
Goodbye milky thighs. Hello exercise.
(Not as clever as the handle pun, but it rhymes.)
(Everyone likes rhymes.)

Anyways… I’m sitting in my (new) room right now.
Good vibrations are flowing and I’m craving a burrito.
I worked out today, guys! I’m allowed to indulge!
(But thanks for lookin’ out for me!)

Signed, The Girl in Like with Paint.


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