So here I am… back at The Puge.
The wonderful University of Puget Sound. We’re not allowed to call it UPS anymore so as not to market our school as a delivery service. Whatev.

It’s amazing to be back. I’m extremely happy with the housing situation. I’m living in a small house right off campus (although still part of on-campus housing.. which means we need quarters for laundry still..!) and it’s really turning out beautifully. All of our rooms are decorated. Our living room is furnished (came with two nice brown couches) and we added a big screen tv, Playstation 3, cable, and speakers! It’s our chill zone. It’s shweet.

My classes are proving to be entertaining, engaging, and erudite. Even though the teachers are going crazy about the swine flu. One teacher in particular.
Adorable man.
Brings Clorox wipes to class every day.
And Purrell hand sanitizer.
And sends us emails in espanol about “La Cochinilla” aka Swine Flu.

I guess the upside is that it hasn’t hit our campus yet.
Supposedly there’s a ton of confirmed cases across the state at WSU.
Some girl visited here from there.
If it lands on our campus, I’m blaming her.
Kay, thanks.
But that’s why this is entitled.. Es-squeal-a. Get it? It’s like… Escuela… Spanish for “school”… but it’s a pun. GET IT?!?! HAH!!!!!

Well… anywho.
I’m gonna get back to that reading. It’s gonna be fun.

P.S. We cleaned the house today.
Spick and Span.
Just like daddy taught me.

Peace out World!
Swine-Flu-Free-Girl in Like