Turkeys bring families together…

Spending Thanksgiving with family is something I’ll always cherish. I remember my last Thanksgiving with my grandpa: It was the day after Thanksgiving because my parents were scheduled to work the holiday. We had cran-apple casserole (a favorite of my Grandma Betty), delicious turkey, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, sparkling apple cider, mashed potatoes, delicious gravy, and biscuits. My brother was home, my sister was there, and mom and dad were present. =] I don’t remember details; I remember smells, glances, laughter, smiles, and Grandpa sitting in the recliner in a food-induced stupor (it’s what me and my friends call a food coma). He was happy. I was happy. We were happy.

Uncle Tom and the gang

Last year (my Freshman year in college) I chose to not pay the expensive fare to fly home and had Thanksgiving with my room mate’s family. It was really nice, but not getting to see my family was really hard. This year I road tripped down to Medford, Oregon (from Tacoma, WA) where Grandpa’s brother (my mom’s Uncle) Tom lives on his farm. Mom, Dad, and Lauren road tripped UP to Medford (from LA) and we met at Uncle Tom’s. He’s the spitting image of Grandpa Bud, but yet is so different. It was so refreshing to see someone so much like him running around, cooking, laughing, hugging, loving; it was refreshing to see family. Not just my own immediate family, but family’s family. They are the most kind and generous people; wholeheartedly welcoming this college girl into their homes and pampering me with home-cooked food and tender care.

I did miss my brother and Karina, but they were busy cooking a 14-lb turkey. =]

I am thankful for the presence of love in people’s hearts. I’m thankful for my family. I’m thankful for memories that last a lifetime.

I’m going to get back to my Saturday Essay-Writing-Spree. =]


The Whole Fam-Damily


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