Welcome to your 20s?

I have failed, per usual, with regards to updating you, who ever you are, about the charades and shenanigans in my life. It is now SUMMER– YAY!

What have I been doing? Let’s see… Upon my first morning back, I went on a hike with my dad to celebrate the sun in all it’s California splendor.

Me and Dad in Temescal Canyon!

Then I headed to Palm Springs with Mom, Sarah-Jane, and Auntie Eileen for some much needed pool and relaxation time…

June was half way through, which, every year, means one thing: CAILYNN’S BIRTHDAY. My dad and I took her on a birthday hike. Probably not the ideal gift, but hey, who wouldn’t wanna spend sweaty time with the two Hammond Athletes on top of a huge rock?!

What naturally follows Cailynn’s birthday (despite June Gloom) is, well, MY BIRTHDAY. Woot woot. I had part one with Cailynn and my folks, going to breakfast at Uncle Joe’s Pancake House in Manhattan Beach, and then part two with my girlies–and Ron– at Ketchup. BUT no bday dinner would be complete without a little slapstick comedy, during which Whitney, Briana, and I posed near the bench, then on the bench for a picture… at which point the old rickety bench broke as soon as I put myself onto it. Quite hilarious if I do say so myself =]

Anywho, my birthday was great, and as my friends put it: Welcome to your 20s.
20 is almost 25, which is almost 30.

20 year-old Girl in Like


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