Times are a-changing

As I finish off what could be one of my last full summers at home, I notice a few things have changed. I don’t clamor to see all my “friends” that are in town. There are a few faces that have earned their places and I make an effort to see them. And there are a hundred more that I know I would LOVE to see, but it’s a two-way street. Another thing is the lack of interest I have in boys this summer. Usually I jump at the idea that a guy might be interested, and I pursue, or let myself be pursued. Not that it happens a lot, but there is usually one once in a while. This summer I have out right said “no thanks” once, put my foot down twice, crushed on three guys, and really cared about none.

I turned 20. My hormones should be RAAAAGING.
But I think I’ve realized that there is so much more out there than flings and crushes.
I have dubbed this summer “My edible summer” because it has been filled with great food. I roadtripped to Oregon with my mom, played softball, hiked, and went on runs with my dad. Went to comic stores and cupcake boutiques with Lauren. Had movie nights with my Kevin and Karina. Discovered new music at the Culver City free concerts on Thursday nights. Discovered that LA had a foodtruck craze. Almost completed a to-do list that included 10 food spots, 2 amusement parks, and visiting San Diego, Berkeley, and Medford.

How or when would I have time to notice a guy worth my time? It always sounds snobby to me when I say things like “he’s not worth my time,” but unlike being picky about a food (like Tomatoes, bleh) being picky when it comes to a guy is something I think all women are allowed. My disinterest in romance manifested itself in a workout schedule to rival Kobe Bryant’s (okay, maybe not), and a summer menu that encapsulated smoothies, fruit cobblers, s’mores, pasta dishes, steaks, burgers, spicy hot dogs, bacon/avocado sandwiches, gourmet breakfasts and dinners, and homemade cheesey omelets with peppers and onions.

It has been a rockin’ summer.
And there are still about two weeks left.
Bring on the finale.


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