“ResLife, full of strife, but it’s the life for me;
Writing up students for smoking and boozing, but it’s the life for me.”

This was a rap crafted by my staff team made up of Trimble/Todd Phibbs RAs and RCCs. To put it bluntly, and people have heard me say this about a few things ResLife already: I’m mildly obsessed with them.

We’ve got the TP components:
Savannah, a returning RA who is a great role model and great person to talk to.
Chris D, who’s a self proclaimed ex-bro with a sarcastic and witty sense of humor to put you in good spirits.
Katie P, a lacrosse player with a kick-ass attitude and such a great personality.
Lucy, a vibrant addition to the TTP team (who has a career in rapping, haha, or not!)
Katie M, aka K-Mo, who’s got the sweetest personality, but knows how to crack the whip!
Nick, a returner who knows the ropes and means business, all the while being such a goofy kid.
and Maddie, the sweetest person who’s gonna have her residents wrapped around her fingers. =]

And the Trimble Staff:
Myself, an awesome Junior, first-timer, but ready for anything Crew Girl!
Garner, a witty HS debater with a flair for v-necks and b-ball shorts.
Anna, a returner with eyes that light up the world and an awesome and open heart.
Janessa, a bubbly sophomore who’s gonna be ready for anything with her laughter and commanding attitude.
Chris M., a laid back Junior from Hawaii with an island attitude that brings ease to your worries.
and Vienna, a super amazing sophomore with a sense of team and family that has already started bringing us together.

We’ve gone bowling in wacky bright 80s colors and afro wigs, gone for Pho (Vietnamese noodle-soups), sat out under the full moon looking out at the Sound with cheese, grapes, chocolates, and desserts, and this is just the beginning.

We’ve had training almost everyday from 8 or 9 am til 5 at the earliest, but more often than not, stuff that goes until 8 or 9. From staff meetings to role playing, from food meet-and-greets to Jeopardy quizzing, we’ve done it all and we’re prepared for anything.

I’m looking forward to the leadership role and the responsibility that I’ve signed up for. I feel ready to rock this year and this job and also ready to do well in the classroom, out on the water, and with whatever else I sign myself up for.

I’m missing my family back home, but I’ve been calling when I get the chance.
Chloe is doing well, currently doing pre-season training for cross-country, and Cailynn and I have a skype date sometime soon, but she’s settled in and working with the football team (for athletic training stuff, I believe). Leah took a family RV trip to Oregon and Seattle (and didn’t stop to see me! haha) and seems to have had an amazing time, but I know her, and I know she’ll be glad to be back in the City of Angles and within the next month starting her sophomore year at UCLA.

I love my life right now.
I don’t think that’s strange.
But I feel the best I’ve felt in a long time.

It’s a weird sense of calm I’ve never felt before, but I’m fully embracing it. It’s weird to go from an overactively involved High Schooler to a responsibly active Junior in college with my whole life starting to unfold beautifully before my eyes. But I LOVE IT.

With a smile on my face,


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