Placebo Week!

So, as I enter into this next week (only significant for two things: 1) Placebo pill week and 2) it’s the second week of classes) I’ve got a lot on my mind. But in a great way.

First week of classes was great! Monday is going to be my demise for a few reasons.
a) When crew starts, my day will start at 4:30 am and end at about 9:30 pm.
b) I have ALL my classes on Mondays– but the profs are all amazing, so it should be fine.
c) I won’t have (much) time to do hw for Tuesdays on Mon’s so I’ll have to plan ahead (here’s to slaughtering procrastination part I!)
d) They are Mondays– they’re ALREADY EVIL.

BUT on a brighter note,
There is a boy on Girl in Like’s radar.
And apparently this radar signal is mutual.

I think I earned like 20 nerd points for that analogy.
Or a level up.
(Make that TWO with that reference!)

Nerdy-Girl in Like