Fall Break To-Do List:

#1, check. Good thing I've got 2 more days...


October is confusing…

This is true for many reasons:
1) October means 8th month. And here we are in month 10.
2) Tacoma hit 40° F and LA hit 113° F… What?
3) It’s not midterms week for me, but instead, what I like to call “Midterm Season.”
4) It’s just that point in the semester when math concepts and communication theories start to make your brain whirl. In the best way… but in an inconvenient way.
5) Crew is… and I have to steal this from Gaelyn and Alyssa… ExCREWciating. Also in the best way possible. Think “hurt so good” and “ice baths are your friend” and you’ve got the general feeling.

So, I don’t know why this all has to happen at once… But it does.
And I’m gonna tackle it… one paper… one dead brain cell… one Power Bar at a time.

So just when I start to get sufficient amounts of sleep and stay ahead on my school work, midterms come and knock down my base as if it were a pawn. Well, you know what, Junior Year stress? CHECK MATE; I’m makin’ a move and I’m gonna get ya. Well at least I’ll be aiming to regain my sleep schedule (looks like bedtime at 8 pm and wake up at 4:15 AM generally) and my social life (or the remnants of it at least… haha).

But don’t get me wrong. I’m in such a good place. I love my classes (even my Spanish class, which forces me to look up every other word in a poem using an online dictionary), I still manage to make time for my friends (even if it does mean we’re studying together instead of relaxing and hanging out together), and I get to see my parents in about 48 hours! WOOT WOOT. <— sense my excitement? Eh? Eh? =D

I'm thinking… Seattle excursion (donut shop! and frozen custard! and Troll under the bridge!) and then if they're around long enough on Sunday, Blueberry picking! woooot!)

Alright. Enough procrastinating… I have a class in 8 minutes… Am I going to it? I don't think so, but at least I'm being productive…………… right? ^_-

Peace, Love, and Cocoa Puffs <– which are not a good pre-speed-hike meal, in case you're wondering. =D

Stress-Ball-of-Excitement-Girl in Like