‘Tis the Season…

Well, well, well… if it isn’t the Holiday season! Hello again, friends, family, Christmas trees, and Egg Nog Lattes. I’ve missed you all. WordPress.com set their screen so that it looks like snowflakes are falling on my laptop. It’s pretty cute.
Anywho– the boyfriend and I traded Christmas gifts last night. I didn’t want to scare him away, so I had a cute card with a hint of sentimentality but mostly full of puns. His card to me was the cutest EVER. I forgot that sometimes boyfriends remember that girlfriends like sweet nothings whispered in their ears… or written on cards.

and the inside

I got him a hand/mouth blown glass tea pot for brewing loose leaf tea =] (he’s been talking about getting one for months) and he got me a 10×10 sleek, black scrapbook, 3 border stamps, rock candy, and a collage-y black picture frame (with 12 spots for photos). I guess he wants me to remember him– well, don’t worry, mister, you’re a little too good to forget. *wink*

Enough of the gushy.

Lauren turns 29 today. WOW. Just wow. I set my alarm for 8 am so that I could call her and wish her a happy birthday. She’s going to Yankee Doodle’s to celebrate with her day program, and she’ll open presents from mom and dad later today. Apparently she woke up and almost forgot! I’m glad I called! =P

On another happy note, only one more final and a residence hall to close before I can come home! I’ll be back in LA before the stroke of midnight on Saturday. TOO EXCITED. My Statistics exam suddenly is just a speed bump in the way. I haven’t started on my studying for the day, yet, but I did do dishes, clean the sink, organize the kitchen cabinets, and even got an hour erg/core session in with Emily to kick start our days.

I finished a 10 page Spanish literature paper. It was my final required assignment for my Spanish Minor Degree. Woot woot! More than halfway through college, officially! Okay, well, assuming I pass this Stats exam… which I will…!

Well, I know a lot has happened this month, but I’m kind of on overload from Finals anxiety and stress… I’m sure I’ll have an update within the next two weeks. A few holiday parties, some fun baking, and some gift exchanging to be had.

p.s. Boy and Girl date night at the crew formal was SO much fun. He cleans up so nicely =]

Love to all,
Girl in Like con el fin del semestre (with the end of the semester)


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