Into the New Year…

2010. Wow. It’s been great–it really has.
Celebrated my New Year’s with Los Angeles.
Rowed my way to an NCAA National’s appearance.
Wrote my way to good grades.
Dawdled my days of summer away.
Drove my way to Oregon to see Uncle Tom, then to Washington to get to school.
Started my semester training to be an RA.
Made new friends.
Made time for a relationship with a very special guy.
Cleared clutter from my desk.
And then made it messy again.

It’s a normal year… but it has had amazing and unique parts to it.
Even just looking at Christmas this year, I could feel the difference.

Coming home this year was very different. Aggie didn’t greet me at the door. I didn’t feel the sense of urgency to see all of my friends every single day. And I had texted home and asked for a financial donation to my bank account instead of lots of little presents this year. We celebrated on the Eve because Mom and Dad worked Christmas Day, and Lauren doesn’t do anticipation; she barely made it through the 24th. She opened her presents (all in a row) and then left the room with one of them (a DC Comics “Year by Year” graphic compilation book) leaving the rest of them in a funky pile near the wrappings. Needless to say, that gift was a hit. The others have since received attention, but there was a clear favorite. My popcorn machine I bought her now has the Orville Redenbacher popping corn kernels ready to be popped thanks to a necessary trip to the store for “milk and popcorn, Binzit!” before Dad came home the other night. Milk for dad, popcorn for Lauren. You can’t say she’s entirely selfish… =]

Mom, Dad, and I sat on the couch that night watching “Playing for Change” (which you should all look into), and we were all almost in tears (I’ll save mentioning any specifics so that we can all walk away dignity intact). It was very moving and definitely a (crowd) favorite.

Kevin and Karina came over on Christmas night and we gave them their presents, and they gave us ours. I got Ugg boots.
All I have to say is.. well two things:
1) My brother is the best
2) I stuck my nose up at girls who folded their Ugg boots down so they have their fluff exposed… that is, until I had my own pair of which to fold down and expose the fluff… and I LOVE THEM. And I’m glad I live in a place where it’s actually chilly enough to casually wear them… none of this LA shorts and Ugg boots non-sense.

Anywho… I miss the boy.
This is the only thing that is missing from making this special time of year even more special. That’s a cool thing in its own way, though. It’s pretty perfect just being here with the family. They mention him enough for me to not make it even a few hours without him crossing my mind. *Barf* Sometimes we’re too cute for even ME to handle. (I sent him and his family a Christmas card, and I’m positive he wanted nothing more than to curl up in a ball and cry– but obviously, he would never admit to such a thing, and he’s not here for me to prove such an assumption, so I am left to my imagination…)

SO that’s that. I’m sure there’s a lot more to say: like how I had a Christmas party with my girls–a group of my college age friends and then a group of my wiser older friends (that my mom has introduced me to)– and it was AMAZING. I love being around strong, beautiful, positive women. Makes me get all giddy and happy inside.

Well, I hope everyone’s holiday season (and year) have been as eventful and rewarding as mine has.

Most sincerely,
Rejoicing Girl-in-Like


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