NOLA preview

So, here I am, sitting in my friend’s apartment, with home-cooked food in my stomach, 3 hours ahead of my normal time zone, and the sound of the New Orleans Streetcar to keep me company– that and the Grey’s Anatomy episodes keeping me from finishing season 6.

I surfed the web for a while to try and find quality places to visit, eat at, and drink at (read: looking for an awesome bar). I had been here before, but in a very different time in my life. I had been visiting Tulane as a prospective college. Pros: beautiful, rich culture, opportunity for volunteer work, diverse community, great academics, amazing campus. Cons: the humidity, 1,500 miles from home, the booming night-life (mardi-gras intimidated.. intimidates… me), and well, the price-tag.

NOW, I’m heading into my senior year and all I see in this city are: a rich night-life, tourist spots to conquer, and memories to be made. I quickly take down the streets of Cafe du Monde (for beignets) Bourbon Street (for after-hours fun), Pat O’Brien’s (for their famous yet potent Hurricane cocktail).

Now to bed, for tomorrow is, what I call in my head, RA camp.


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