So I probably should have updated this, hmm, at least 7 years ago. But I didn’t. So there.

I’m currently sitting in a Post-NOLA-world. After visiting New Orleans with 55 new additions to the “greatest people I’ve ever met” list, everything is different.

I have a goal: Attend a grad school for Student Affairs (google it).
I have a plan for it. (In action: applying to 6 schools).
I have a new sense of self.
I have an amazing group of human resources.
I have an experience that no one can take away from me.

And I constantly compare fun nights out to the ones in New Orleans, and let’s face it.

They don’t compare. =]

It’s funny to think that 3 nights with these random student-leaders could be anything more than “a good experience.” But I’m telling you. These people were incredible. So many different views of the world, so many different stories, so many heroes, heroines, brave souls, family lovers, friend supporters, and just all-in-all amazing young men and women. I didn’t meet a single dud. This also means that keeping in touch was necessary.

And we have.

We post (or someone does) EVERY single day in our Facebook group. We give each other advice on student affairs questions, tips for looking for and applying to the right grad schools, and just general support for anything and everything we’re involved with.

It’s phenomenal.
And I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to experience it.

I walked out of the STARS experience not only with one new mentor, but with 55 new mentors.

Life is Good.

More to come,
Grateful Girl-in-like