The Midwest, more importantly St. Paul, MN

Layover in Denver: for the first time ever, I wasn’t the only one in the airport saying “Oh, I’m sorry!” As I bumped into people’s bags, squeezed through tight spaces in the airport, etc.

Arrival in Saint Paul, MN:
OMG OMG OMG CHLOE!!!!! I haven’t seen this girl in, hmm, about 9 months, but that was only for a minute, so OVER A YEAR!!!! Everything has worked out. Saint Paul is adorable, you can walk anywhere, Macalester is officially Puget Sound (but with a different face). I could literally swap students and they would fit in at either school.

We went to a lecture, went to her summer fellowship poster session, went for a 30 minute run with the XC team for Coming Out Day (rainbow theme, awwwhhh yeah), had dinner (pasta with pumpkin sauce!) with the team, went to an a capella concert, went to see 50/50, got teary-eyed in 50/50, and then came home to climb in bed so Chloe could get some needed sleep before her XC meet the next morning.

And now today, I’m sitting in a Tea Bar in Saint Paul, sipping on some Boba Milk Tea (Leah, it’s a CLOSE 2nd to the Name-Unknown-because-it-keeps-changing Boba place),

Relaxing while they study =]

and waiting to go to lunch with Jakey, a fellow STARS NOLA graduate.

I survived most of Midterms (a few things left to do, i.e. an exam and a group paper), and think I did well on most of it.

It’s just really nice to spend Fall Break relaxing somewhere that isn’t my room in a freshman hall, as much as I love my freshman (I actually am LOVING my floor; they’re kind of fantastic).

So while Chloe’s friends are studying, I am relaxing. (I put in my time, don’t get jealous too fast, now).

I am excited to see out the rest of this weekend.. drinks tonight, apple picking tomorrow possibly?, and fun fun fun in general.

Until next time,