Tis the season. Tis it not? The one where we get to be jolly and spend shit loads of money on things we probably don’t need? Although I would argue that I do need socks. And (another) good book. And peppermint hot cocoa. I always feel weird asking for things for Christmas–we never have done a wish list, I don’t remember ever writing to Santa (my family and I have been keeping Santa alive for our 30 year-old toddler since I was aware at the tender age of 6 that Santa simply didn’t travel to places without snow). So, yes, if

But I have learned some things this year: Reindeer are real and there is a North Pole (in Alaska) where I can only assume that it’s Christmas all year round. I don’t know if I could handle that. Christmas already starts at my house in mid… I dunno.. July?

Anywho. This past semester I have realized that there are a lot of little things in life that we complain about every single day. On my staff-team (of RAs), we meet weekly and for a few minutes of the meeting we share “happy/crappies”: a highlight and a lowlight of the week. I often do not have a crappy, mostly because that’s my nature… I’m sure something kinda “ugh” has happened every week of school, but if you complain about it, what good does that do. I remember one crappy, but it was the day that I said the crappy was my happy; I broke up with a very nice boy, but I did it so that I could reach my full potential and it was in a moment of empowerment where I practiced what I have always preached to my girlfriends (if you’re not happy, change something). And as my friend pointed out, “Now you have a lot of free time that you can spend on school work!…….” yay. =]

So, when we looked back at the semester, a few people went around and told their highs and lows of the school year so far. When it got to me, I only had a happy. I couldn’t think of one crappy that had resonated so much with me that it came to mind at that moment. That’s a pretty incredible feeling.

So, to be cliché, I’m creating a New Year’s Resolution: ALWAYS live in the moment and don’t dwell on the small lemons life throws at you. There will be plenty to complain about when my roof leaks or I have a child’s education or backyard wedding to plan/pay for. (Shoutout to my parents, who despite being “allowed to complain” via this clause, have not. They just deal).

I want to do that. I want to make sure that I wake up everyday realizing that it is a new day. I have yet again made it through another day. Woot.

Tis the season,


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