It’s been almost three years since I started writing in this blog. 2 Years ago I vowed to write in a journal. But I think this electronic form of journaling has become my sanctuary. So, to update you, or my future self (which is more than likely who is going to read this):

I have applied to grad school for Student Affairs!

I got a 3.5 last semester.

I haven’t rowed since May.

I’m applying (and struggling to get interviews) for an internship this summer.

I’m graduating in 5 months.

I would rather watch reruns of TV shows than go out to a bar.

I frolicked in the snow during the first week of classes.

My only class on Mondays and Wednesdays is Yoga.

My only others are on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I’m flying into MSP on Thursday to briefly visit Chloe and Jake then traveling with Steve to La Crosse, WI where I will play in the snow. Or something like that.

I am truly happy about where I am in life right now. Not a rare occurrence, but always a great feeling. UConn may have rejected me, but Oregon State wants to interview with me… I wonder what the coming month holds for me!!! =]

–Happy Girl in Like


Two Thousand and Twelve

What a year. Probably the year I have most been looking forward to ever since I decided I was gonna go to college, which happened at age 7, so trust me: It’s gonna be a big year. At some point I chose to only take four years to graduate because, well, let’s face it… 2013 is a weird year… it has a thirteen in it. But 2012? TwoOhOneTwo. It’s gotta nice ring to it.

Maybe it was my mom buying me an interview outfit. Maybe it was sending in all of my graduate school applications. Maybe it was my sister turning 30. Maybe it was my brother’s wedding that’s happening this weekend.

Maybe it was all of these things. Actually I’m deciding. It IS all of these things. And more. Ringing in the new year by myself with a bottle of Martinelli’s in my hand and my dog barking at the fireworks was a perfect way to have things go. Time to reflect. Time to plan. And time to appreciate all that I’ve been given and all that I have to give.

2011 was filled with some good moments and some not so good ones: Getting Roxy, our pitbull toddler. Injuring my back rowing. Battling to get back into the top boat. Going to National’s. Losing at National’s. Living on my own for a summer. Turning 21. Going to New Orleans. Meeting 55 amazing people there. Having a few super empowering moments where I realized I needed to stop settling and do something different. Catering, RA-ing, studying, homeworking, relaxing, sleeping, eating, playing, not working out, working out, yoga, two rounds of ¬†failed physical therapy, and trying not to let my back pain get to me.

But it did. And if I have one New Year’s Resolution it’s to not let that get to me this year. When you’re changing your actions you need to also change your mindset: I’m doing some new stuff for my back and for my life and I am in full mental support of these changes. I think this is the key.

Now is the part where I sit back and let grad school offers roll in, work hard in school, give my freshmen an amazing time in the hall, call home way too much, and worry about the things I can control and let go of those I cannot.

Feelin’ Good About the New Year,

Girl-in-Like Version 2012