3rd Anniversary of My Rantings

Just sayin’, after three years of blogging on this thang, this is my longest relationship. ^_^

I have had friends coming up to me saying, “Am I allowed to ask what your plans are after graduation?” I appreciate the sincerity in not wanting to bring up a potentially sensitive subject…


YES. Yes you can ask me!

I have awesome news: This summer I will be in Indianapolis interning at IUPUI with the Director of Residence Life. =] My dad and I will be roadtripping RIGHT after graduation. (Which is in 15 days! WOAH!)

After that, I will be starting Grad School at the University of Vermont and pursuing a Master of Education degree in Higher Ed and Student Affairs. I’m really excited to be heading into a program as established, competitive, and fun-loving as Vermont’s. The cohort that I’m in seems very energetic and very diverse and I’m so fortunate to be amongst them. The 2nd years that will be there with us next year are ALSO amazing. They were so hospitable while I was there for my interviews and it will be great to have them as mentors this next year.


My new motto is, “I have no words, just emotions.” Which was evinced by my reaction when I won an award for my leadership and friendliness on campus and started crying immediately after my name was read. It was so humbling and I am honored. No words. Just emotions. =]

Emotional Girl-in-Like


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