Transition: Meaningful Conversations

Yesterday I appeared on Casey my co-RA’s radio show that he hosts once a week on KUPS (you can listen/watch here). [First, Casey, thank you for that wonderful opportunity… when that video goes viral, be prepared for greatness. Second, your radio show is incredible, never stop questioning the status quo, and please, please, please consider going into the student affairs field in some way or another].

After the show, I was walking to the library with Casey and Sandra Rosa (the Outstanding Woman award recipient) and we were engaged in what is likely to be one of the most influential conversations I have had on campus: Why don’t we ask or talk about the experience of marginalized students on campus? This question was raised when I saw a Facebook post from a very good friend of mine about her time her at Puget Sound as a black student. It hit me hard that it was starkly different from the way I would describe my time here.

We need to talk about issues, conversations, and realities like these in order to realize their prominence, importance, and impact. THIS is why I am going into student affairs. I want to have these conversations. I want people’s voices to be heard. My voice has been heard for a long time; It is time that I start listening.

I titled this post “Transition” for a multitude of reasons, the main one being that I am in transition from Undergraduate to Graduate school, but also because this blog will also be in transition. I imagine that I will report on the conversations I will have, the things I will read, and the moments that will soon begin to define me as a young student affairs (para)professional heading into the world.

And for that, I am excited.

Girl in Transition


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