What do I do, anyways?

Sometimes I ask myself that.
I’ve been an intern for almost a month now. What have I done? What am I doing? What do I do?

I’ll start with what I do… It’s easiest.
I think.

Well… I wake up around 8 am. I shower (sometimes), blow-dry my hair (this is a first), make/compile breakfast for 1 (aka me), brush teeth, collect things, head out door, lock door (why it doesn’t lock from the inside, I do not know), walk the 2 minutes to my “office” (a room with 2 computers for 3 interns….), log in, check email, respond to email, open a blank word document, check pinterest, check Facebook, pull up necessary resources, mess with formatting, add photos, take out photos, mess with formatting, get stared at by other interns as I audibly become frustrated that my bullet points are not doing the right thing, calm down, struggle until noon, eat lunch, go to meetings, finish my day by 2 or 3 p.m., do Insanity (aka an INTENSE/insane workout DVD) with the roommates (aka the interns), sweat profusely, sweat some more, do good pushups in the beginning, do not so good ones in the end, drink water, collapse onto floor/couch/table/chair/somewhere, check email, realize I have neglected the blog, start a new post, go step by step through my day, realize I have gone waaaay too into detail (but also realize that I could have gone futher…), plan on getting up from the couch, plan on showering, plan on cooking some semblance of a dinner, text the boyfriend, annoy the boyfriend, shower boyfriend with affection, call home, read Fifty Shades Darker, scoff at Fifty Shades while secretly being obsessed with it, shut off lights, check alarm to make sure it will go off at 8 a.m., rinse and repeat.

What have I done so far?

Created a manual/guide to being a Resident Assistant (RA).
Formatted departmental expectations for the Director of Residence Life.
Participated in a Strategic Planning meeting.
Met with (and will continue to meet with) key players on the campus.
Contributed fruit salad to a potluck/bbq.
Helped eat burgers at Wednesday night cookouts.
Have a weekly Coca~Cola.
Attended an Indianapolis Indians Minor League Baseball game.
Went out on a Wednesday and Thursday night, but not on the weekend.
Went to a wedding.
Worked (and continuing to work) on developing new marketing strategies and promotional ideas for Housing and Residence Life.
Shopped at the local mall and didn’t buy anything.
Participated in one of those sketchy “Hi, can you take a survey for me?” things and made $5.
Caused a ruckus.

It’s what I do.

‘Sup Indianapolis.

Additionally, I have heard from my graduate school program and am pleased to announce that we have the official cohort list and that I can sign up for classes for the fall! This is so exciting.. It’s REAL.

Well, that’s about all I should put you through for now.


Girl(friend)-in-Like ❤



I am a student affairs intern. What does this mean?

I arrive at a place foreign to me.
I go through training by day and explore the city of Indianapolis by night.
I finish training and am immediately launched into a “special project.”
By “special” I mean “a project for interns to do.”

The other two interns and I are chopping away at an RA Training Manual. A How-To guide for the new and returning RAs. Do I like this?

I love it.

It’s really cool and really gratifying to create something out of virtually nothing. Sometimes all we have to go off of is a 50 paged handbook of school policies and we have to pick 2 pages worth of topics to talk about. Literally, some poor RA’s competency is in our hands. A feeling a power.

We will soon receive feedback, which I imagine will be constructive criticisms on how to make it more fun, or more official, or “we don’t do that here, take that crap back to the Northwest.”

If that last one comes, I WILL CHALLENGE THEM. Actually, I’ll probably back down and bow.

Maybe kiss their feet.

After all, I’m just an intern.

BUT I AM IN THE FIRST SET OF ACUHO-I INTERNS THAT THIS SCHOOL HAS EVER HAD. So we actually do have the power to impact change.

Additionally, I’m working with one of the grad students to revamp the Room Condition Report document. Nerdy? I think yes.

And yesterday, we met with the Director of Residence Life here and it was great. What a down-to-earth guy. Definitely a people-person, which just reiterates why I am going into this field.

“I don’t know much, but I do know people.” These are the words that stuck out in my mind from that meeting. We don’t learn about how to deal with students by going to class and attending a Master’s program in Student Affairs.. we learn about how to talk to people from our families. From living, loving, fighting, defending, appreciating, and challenging our family members.

Can’t wait to continue to put my experience into practice, in and out of the classroom.



Indy(500)Things to do…

So, after almost three weeks of being in Indianapolis, I have decided that this was a great decision. A few months ago, I was actually on the fence about taking this internship. I had accepted the position and then after being dramatic about how I probably wouldn’t get into grad school after some “quality” interviews, I felt that I had to reconsider my choice to be in Indy for the summer. I think I was thinking that I would save/earn more money by going home and trying to find a job there, or apply for entry level positions as an RD at a non-master’s preferred school. After searching over Spring Break, crying over my future, and even looking into joining Americorps or the Air Force (looking anywhere for opportunity and to give back), my mom told me that I mustn’t give up this internship.

I am so glad that I listened to her.

I was anxious to get here, but once I graduated, packed my bags, set off for home, and then packed up the car for the road trip out here, it was real. I was excited to meet the two other interns and I have to say that they are fantastic young women. We’re all in different places in our student affairs experiences. Meg is graduating undergrad next year, but is a few months our senior. Helen, although the youngest, is a grad student full of knowledge. I am the awkward in-betweener (not awkward because of that, moreso just my natural state of awkward..ness).

So far, I have been able to get to know the office and its workers, realize I have no idea where anything is on campus (except for the Barnes and Noble.. we’re best friends already), set up meetings with the Director of Housing to set my game plan for the summer, get volunteered to re-do the RCRs, attend cook outs (BBQs, as we call them), potlucks (pitch-ins, as they call them), pay for my first two tanks of gas, find a handsome and bright young man to date, explore Indianapolis and Broad Ripples food establishments, window shop in the mall, sweat up a storm in the humidity, devour ice cream on a hot day, kiss the bricks at the Brickyard (Indy 500), enjoy drinks during our nights out on the town, and all the while complete an extensive training period with our supervisor Becky. (You like how I threw that factoid in there about the handsome young man? Yeah. I liked it too.)

Anyways, basically this is gonna be a crappy summer.


It’s just the start of what can only be described as my first of many amazing summers as a college graduate. Look out world.

What’s next? Chicago next weekend. Stay tuned.

IndyGirl in Like