Indy(500)Things to do…

So, after almost three weeks of being in Indianapolis, I have decided that this was a great decision. A few months ago, I was actually on the fence about taking this internship. I had accepted the position and then after being dramatic about how I probably wouldn’t get into grad school after some “quality” interviews, I felt that I had to reconsider my choice to be in Indy for the summer. I think I was thinking that I would save/earn more money by going home and trying to find a job there, or apply for entry level positions as an RD at a non-master’s preferred school. After searching over Spring Break, crying over my future, and even looking into joining Americorps or the Air Force (looking anywhere for opportunity and to give back), my mom told me that I mustn’t give up this internship.

I am so glad that I listened to her.

I was anxious to get here, but once I graduated, packed my bags, set off for home, and then packed up the car for the road trip out here, it was real. I was excited to meet the two other interns and I have to say that they are fantastic young women. We’re all in different places in our student affairs experiences. Meg is graduating undergrad next year, but is a few months our senior. Helen, although the youngest, is a grad student full of knowledge. I am the awkward in-betweener (not awkward because of that, moreso just my natural state of awkward..ness).

So far, I have been able to get to know the office and its workers, realize I have no idea where anything is on campus (except for the Barnes and Noble.. we’re best friends already), set up meetings with the Director of Housing to set my game plan for the summer, get volunteered to re-do the RCRs, attend cook outs (BBQs, as we call them), potlucks (pitch-ins, as they call them), pay for my first two tanks of gas, find a handsome and bright young man to date, explore Indianapolis and Broad Ripples food establishments, window shop in the mall, sweat up a storm in the humidity, devour ice cream on a hot day, kiss the bricks at the Brickyard (Indy 500), enjoy drinks during our nights out on the town, and all the while complete an extensive training period with our supervisor Becky. (You like how I threw that factoid in there about the handsome young man? Yeah. I liked it too.)

Anyways, basically this is gonna be a crappy summer.


It’s just the start of what can only be described as my first of many amazing summers as a college graduate. Look out world.

What’s next? Chicago next weekend. Stay tuned.

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