I am a student affairs intern. What does this mean?

I arrive at a place foreign to me.
I go through training by day and explore the city of Indianapolis by night.
I finish training and am immediately launched into a “special project.”
By “special” I mean “a project for interns to do.”

The other two interns and I are chopping away at an RA Training Manual. A How-To guide for the new and returning RAs. Do I like this?

I love it.

It’s really cool and really gratifying to create something out of virtually nothing. Sometimes all we have to go off of is a 50 paged handbook of school policies and we have to pick 2 pages worth of topics to talk about. Literally, some poor RA’s competency is in our hands. A feeling a power.

We will soon receive feedback, which I imagine will be constructive criticisms on how to make it more fun, or more official, or “we don’t do that here, take that crap back to the Northwest.”

If that last one comes, I WILL CHALLENGE THEM. Actually, I’ll probably back down and bow.

Maybe kiss their feet.

After all, I’m just an intern.

BUT I AM IN THE FIRST SET OF ACUHO-I INTERNS THAT THIS SCHOOL HAS EVER HAD. So we actually do have the power to impact change.

Additionally, I’m working with one of the grad students to revamp the Room Condition Report document. Nerdy? I think yes.

And yesterday, we met with the Director of Residence Life here and it was great. What a down-to-earth guy. Definitely a people-person, which just reiterates why I am going into this field.

“I don’t know much, but I do know people.” These are the words that stuck out in my mind from that meeting. We don’t learn about how to deal with students by going to class and attending a Master’s program in Student Affairs.. we learn about how to talk to people from our families. From living, loving, fighting, defending, appreciating, and challenging our family members.

Can’t wait to continue to put my experience into practice, in and out of the classroom.




One thought on “Interning

  1. You also learn a lot about people from cats… they challenge you, they can be complete assholes, they can also be very loving. Not so responsible, though.

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