What do I do, anyways?

Sometimes I ask myself that.
I’ve been an intern for almost a month now. What have I done? What am I doing? What do I do?

I’ll start with what I do… It’s easiest.
I think.

Well… I wake up around 8 am. I shower (sometimes), blow-dry my hair (this is a first), make/compile breakfast for 1 (aka me), brush teeth, collect things, head out door, lock door (why it doesn’t lock from the inside, I do not know), walk the 2 minutes to my “office” (a room with 2 computers for 3 interns….), log in, check email, respond to email, open a blank word document, check pinterest, check Facebook, pull up necessary resources, mess with formatting, add photos, take out photos, mess with formatting, get stared at by other interns as I audibly become frustrated that my bullet points are not doing the right thing, calm down, struggle until noon, eat lunch, go to meetings, finish my day by 2 or 3 p.m., do Insanity (aka an INTENSE/insane workout DVD) with the roommates (aka the interns), sweat profusely, sweat some more, do good pushups in the beginning, do not so good ones in the end, drink water, collapse onto floor/couch/table/chair/somewhere, check email, realize I have neglected the blog, start a new post, go step by step through my day, realize I have gone waaaay too into detail (but also realize that I could have gone futher…), plan on getting up from the couch, plan on showering, plan on cooking some semblance of a dinner, text the boyfriend, annoy the boyfriend, shower boyfriend with affection, call home, read Fifty Shades Darker, scoff at Fifty Shades while secretly being obsessed with it, shut off lights, check alarm to make sure it will go off at 8 a.m., rinse and repeat.

What have I done so far?

Created a manual/guide to being a Resident Assistant (RA).
Formatted departmental expectations for the Director of Residence Life.
Participated in a Strategic Planning meeting.
Met with (and will continue to meet with) key players on the campus.
Contributed fruit salad to a potluck/bbq.
Helped eat burgers at Wednesday night cookouts.
Have a weekly Coca~Cola.
Attended an Indianapolis Indians Minor League Baseball game.
Went out on a Wednesday and Thursday night, but not on the weekend.
Went to a wedding.
Worked (and continuing to work) on developing new marketing strategies and promotional ideas for Housing and Residence Life.
Shopped at the local mall and didn’t buy anything.
Participated in one of those sketchy “Hi, can you take a survey for me?” things and made $5.
Caused a ruckus.

It’s what I do.

‘Sup Indianapolis.

Additionally, I have heard from my graduate school program and am pleased to announce that we have the official cohort list and that I can sign up for classes for the fall! This is so exciting.. It’s REAL.

Well, that’s about all I should put you through for now.


Girl(friend)-in-Like ❤


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