The Fourth without Family

It doesn’t take a lot for me to remember to appreciate my family, but spending fourth of July away from them for the first time that I can remember hit me hard.

My mom texted me a video (yeah, technology is crayzay) and it was of her and my big sister overlooking the 405 freeway in LA after seeing SpiderMan (a truly patriotic movie–have you seen his spidey suit? red and blue!). Those girls are my life.

It’s not what Lauren says sometimes, it’s how she says it–like she wants me to know she’s thinking about me. So yeah, she doesn’t look into cameras, but when she does, my heart does this little dance. And towards the end of the video she gave my mom a kiss. If you know my sister, you know that she has started, over the past couple years, to be more affectionate towards us. Although we get more kisses and hugs from her, each one is truly special.

But today was really fun so far. I spent the day with some great friends and folks today. Had a beer. Played with some chickens. Answered the duty phone. Headed back to campus to mop up the aftermath from a flooded washer. Headed back to the bbq, had another beer. Swam in the pool. Caught some sun. Ate some peach cobbler. Nom. Life is good.

Tonight I’ll watch the fireworks and get semi-emotional about how beautiful they are and about how lucky I am to live in this country.

Tomorrow I’ll go back to my job.

Tomorrow you’ll go back to your job.

But I hope we can both remember to be thankful for the people and events that have shaped our lives and our country.

Okay. I’m done with the patriotic message.

Now let’s all go crack open another beer.

Cuz it’s hotter than heck out here in the Midwest.


Red-White-and-Girl in Like.


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