My To-Do list…

  1. Get rid of summer clothing that I didn’t wear. (I started this today…)
  2. Try to fit everything into the Jetta for the drive to Vermont.
  3. Have a wine and cheese night or something classy like that.
  4. Work-out for 21 days straight (habit forming, right?). (Day 1 down…)
  5. Finish all of my internship projects before I leave.
  6. Keep my room relatively clean.
  7. Leave $500 available to pay my first month’s rent…
  8. Blog some more.
  9. Write in my new “one-sentence-a-day” journal.
  10. Anddddd finish two more books:
    Fifty Shades Darker (muahaha)
    and The Happiness Project 

Let’s see how well I do.. I’ll try to update you all in a week or so….


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