Take a Deep Breath.

That’s what I’ve been reminding myself to do these past few weeks: Take a deep breath.

And let me tell you, it’s been working. I know my anxiety was through the roof, but I never felt like it was all that was the problem. Nothing has really changed from 3 weeks ago to now except my meds are all in line, I’ve integrated some solid positive thinking, and have spent less nights alone.

Whether it’s a silly tv show like Honey Boo-Boo or Impractical Jokers, it has been so great to get out of my apartment and go be with people. Well, persons–I still know I get overwhelmed in large groups. I’ve reached out to a few women in my program that feel very similarly to how I’ve been feeling and it’s one of those things like once you see one cool new car, you see that car everywhere: SO many people are/have struggled with this very same transition to grad school (or transition to college or transition to a new job). I’m not alone.

Yeah, you heard me.

I’m not alone.

And it feels so good.

Well, I’m alone right now, but I’ve got smell-goody candles burning and CNN Republicans crying in the backgrounds. Jk. They’re not crying. Much.

I hope that any of you going through tough times reaches out to someone or finds something to pull you through. I can’t say how helpful my friends and parents have been. They’re pretty much the beesknees. Whatever that means. ❤

Best wishes,

Hopeful Girl in Like


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