Why I Chose to Read Fifty Shades of Grey

Well, seeing as at the time it was becoming the hottest book on e-readers and I had heard mom’s were the most likely buyers, I decided to get to it before my mom could… y’know… just to make sure it was kosher.

Well it’s not. But it is. Gosh, it’s like that part in Titanic where people of all ages are watching as Jack and Rose have a hot and steamy love fest in that old Model T lookin’ car. It’s the hand print. Desire and romance are irresistable in modern film and literature. In fact, they always have been, I think.

So, why all the commotion about Fifty Shades? I think that for everyone who says that it teaches young women that this form of “love” (BDSM) is okay, there is a lesson to be learned by the “inner Goddess” that the main character, Anastasia, so often listens to.

Her inner goddess takes many forms: sexy librarian, book snob, gymnastics queen, gawky twenty-something, sexual explorer, and, well, go-get-em-don’t-take-no-for-an-answer-supporter-of-women’s-rights goddess. I think every girl needs an inner goddess like this one.

I think mine usually takes the form of me as a 40 year old because my inner goddess poses questions such as “wouldn’t you rather get a good night’s sleep?” or “is there something more productive to be doing?” Sometimes I wish I had that sexy, librarian, gymnastics, sex goddess telling me to flaunt what I’ve got, go for the gold, don’t look back, and have no regrets…

But I probably wouldn’t be where I am today if that were the case.

So that’s why I loved this book.

I could have that inner goddess in my head as I whipped through the Fifty Shades trilogy.

So go pick it up. And buy yourself a sexy silver tie while you’re at it.


Why I Chose to Read Fifty Shades of Grey

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