One month in, I have my New Year Resolution!

It is February 1st. One full month into the newest year of my life.
Five months until the start of the 23rd year of my life.
Three weeks into the 2nd semester of grad school.
And miles away from financial stability or my high school weight.

So, I decided to make my resolution on things that are more realistic than getting out of debt or working out for 2 hours a day 6 days a week.

Grad students just don’t have that kind of time! 
Nor do I have that kind of money… pssh.. who pays off student loans? Pssh.

So, I saw this cool blog post about how to sneakily save $1,300 over the course of the year. It starts with depositing $1 increments each week: $1 now, $2 in a week, $3 a week after that, and then $4…….. you get it… by the last month, it’ll be a little more annoying–you’ll put away $49, then $50, then $51… ugh… then $52… but then.. but THEN you’ll have over $1,300 more than last year in your savings account!

That means, if I succeed, I will have $1,300!!! (‘Cause last year I had $0… get it?)


Anyways, I’m probably going to last about 3 months. But I’m excited.

On a different resolutionary note, I resolved to read 1 book a week. I have read 1.5 and I am 4 weeks in. I kind of rock at resolutions.


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