Quitting is for… not me.

Here’s a great post entitled “5 Reminders When You Feel Like Quitting Grad School” by a graduate school colleague, classmate, and friendtor (friendmentor) in the program. 

With only a month and a half left, she reminded me of all of the things I’ve learned (or forgot to learn) to take ownership in my graduate school experience. Because it’ll make me feel better, I’m going to believe that it’s not too late to still turn this experience into what I want it to be. Everything happens for a reason. Every reason is not always beautiful. But there can be beauty in the struggle. In fact. I know there is. Look at these beautiful people:


We have all changed so much, but I know it’s for the better, despite how much we’ve been through and how drained we might feel at the end of each day or week. Today I’m choosing gratitude. Today I’m choosing happiness. Today I’m choosing forward.

Always onward,

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One thought on “Quitting is for… not me.

  1. The struggle makes us strong. Plus, so many students are waiting for you to help make a difference in their college lives….you are a gift. “It’s a Wonderful Life”….can’t imagine you not doing this. This is what you were born to do.

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