Right back where I started…






I guess the quote that just about sums up my life right now is 

Image (Credit: CurlyGirl Designs)

What I mean by this is that I am right back where I started life… without a job under the roof two of the most amazing people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Ladies and gentlemen, my parents:  Image


However, getting BACK here has meant that I have eaten, done, and seen a lot of things. Here are a few of the moments caught on film.. well, you know what I mean.


1) Cooking with Brian! (it was delicious) Chicken and Avocado Enchiladas from Pinterest Image

2) Made a berry cobbler (and won a prize in a cooking contest!)Image

3) Organized my crafting supplies before my big move back home Image

4) Kicked off the end of grad school with a lovely gathering around the fountain with candles and Martinelli’sImage

5) Had to say “see ya later” to one of my best friends… obviously we didn’t realize the gravity of the situation yet.. 😛Image

6) Hung out at the capital with my family Image

7) Got my M.Ed. from UVMImage

8) Got HOODED! Image

9) Got celebrated!ImageImage ImageImage

10) andddd packed up to leave for Washington.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


And I was reminded by Oprah to…ImageImage

So I did.



I’m in the midst of applying to jobs right now, but I am excited for where it might get me. Fingers crossed that I won’t be headed back across the country too soon… Although there is more than one person I would love to be closer to over there, I have to say that I’m not ready for another cross-country roadtrip, even though it was pretty incredible.

Until next time,
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