Conference Attendance

NWACUHO-I Regional Conference — Ashland, OR
Sessions attended:

1. Making the Grade: Housing Professionals Turned Professor (On Leadership Seminars)
2. Developing a Professional Ethic for the New Professional
3. Real World: Gonzaga (Orientation)
4. Golden Opportunity of Financial Literacy
5. Creating an Inclusive Environment on Campus (Alaska Natives, Adult Learners, Commuters, and more on University of Alaska, Anchorage’s campus)
6. Live-In Professionals: It’s a Dog’s Life

NASPA Region I Conference — Mystic, CT
Sessions attended:

1. Emerging Adults in Higher Education
2. Surviving the Storm: Illuminating the Way for New Professionals
3. How Effective Supervision Honors Potential
4. Bridging the Great Divide: Collaborations Between Student Affairs and Academic Affairs
5. Advising: Influencing with a Social Justice Lens

NASPA Annual Conference — Baltimore, MD
Sessions attended:

1. Navigating the Role of New Professional
2. Loud Campuses, Quiet Students: Working with Introverted Students
3. Commuter Students and Community College Students are Outperforming Residential Students
4. The Flipped Classroom: How RA Training Was Transformed by Online Education


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