Matt: On Being a Bostonian

Excerpted from my friend Matt’s blog post. Click here to read the full article.

“It was as if time was frozen, I had no sense of minute going to minute, hour to hour in the aftermath of the horrible events that occurred yesterday afternoon during the Boston Marathon…

…I have gone to the Marathon each year for the past 6 or 7 years, and have always ended up at the finish line at some point during the time of the race. This is the first year I was unable to go to the Marathon, and honestly if it was up to me I would’ve been there…

Watching the events unfold, I have never been prouder to be from this city. Not because of the sports teams, but because of the brave men and women who ran towards the explosions to help others. I sometimes forget that our Police, EMS and Firefighters are actually real people and are brave on a daily basis, but this showed something special. The outpouring of support around the nation and the world for what the city has gone through. The googledoc that circulated of Boston residents offering their homes for people to stay for a night. The people who just finished running 26.2 miles and decide to keep running to the nearest hospital. The picture of a friend of mine who is pushing a stretcher with a survivor on it.

248686_2125280851646_7200324_nThe good definitely outweighs the bad, and this is how I am getting through this tragedy. Knowing in my heart that despite the actions of one person or a group, their numbers are no where near the amount of good, kind hearted people in this world. One of my RAs asked me that if I don’t believe in God, what do I believe in. I answered “People, my faith is in people. Despite the terrible evil that occurred, the events following reaffirmed my faith is in people and it will continue to be that way.”


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