Practical Usefulness of Being a Rower

Is my title redundant? Probably. But there are some things that are useful, but not practical to everyday life, e.g., being a rower gives you ugly hands. Useful for rowing and back scratches. Not for anything else.

Also, I’m feeling nostalgic for my days of yore, rowing on American Lake with my girls. And I’m sitting at a coffee shop, getting in and out of my chair with ease… which leads me to my first reason it’s great to be a rower….


We can get in and out of seats with ease.
(Have you ever tried to slide out of a bench seat without scooting your butt 10 times? We can.)
(Unless we just pulled a 2K). (In which case, laying on the ground on the verge of tears is normal).

Our waists always seem small to us (let’s not talk about our thighs).

We have really nice butts.

Actually, let’s talk about our thighs:
They pull us out of bed in the morning and support us all day.
And they look damn good in spandex shorts. (Is this a normal thing? No.)
We don’t think we’re fat. We know we’re muscular. I repeat: we’re not fat. Even if we are. We’re not. (somehow…)

We have clothes our friends can borrow when they want to be crazy (see our assortment of colorful spandex).

We have versatile clothing for every type of weather (except warm weather).

We know how to shower quickly before class.

We know how long we can go without showering.

We can eat on the run (“back to campus by 8 am” is a lie).

We drink a lot of water.

We know what hard work is.

We know what team work is.

We are internally motivated and also care about others (because let’s be real, we don’t pull 2Ks for our coaches…)

We can handle authority. (Slash do what we’re told.. by the coxswains…)

We support our local vendors (Shakabrah, after a long practice, we have brought you tables and tables of patronage).

When we cry, it’s passion, not weakness.

We can sleep. Anywhere. (Mostly in class, but not limited to: the library, coffee shops, standing upright, at the SUB diner, in line for a movie, in a car, on the floor, on a couch, in a chair, in a noisy room, and on a bus).

To be continued…

Ex-Rower Girl in Like (actually, once a rower, always a rower. Hack hack, chop chop).


Marching into March…

I find myself thrown fully exposed into the month of March.
What does this mean?

  • Spring break (and 2-a-days for Crew Spring Training!)
  • Erg-a-thon <– click for details!
  • Midterms! (Essay, Midterm exam, Spanish Speaking exam, Spanish composition!)
  • I need to work on my group documentary project (to be posted here when it’s finished)
  • I’m almost half way through the semester? WHAT?!

Anyways. This basically just means that time is flying, and when I compare it to last year at this time, a lot has changed.

I remember being homesick, struggling in Econ, struggling with a Classics course, hating my Bio 101 class, and loving my Comm 200 class. Now I’m taking two Spanish classes (one focused on writing, the other on speaking) and a Media Studies Comm 220 class, and not floundering around in any of them. I’m homesick for the simple fact that I love being with my family all the time, but not distractedly so.

Crew is in full swing. We pulled a 2k on the ergs the other day and I beat my Ergomania! time by 2 whole seconds. It was insaneee in the membrane. Speaking of which, the last minute of the piece (total of 7:35) I just remember getting tunnel vision and thinking “if I look down at my legs, there will only be a black hole where they should be”… but obviously there wasn’t. They were there. They just were working so hard that they lost sensation. It was like Boyscouts: In-tents (get it?? haha).

I had a moment or 7 with a new crush here at school. But in the end, the timing wasn’t right for either of us. I don’t think that I’m ready to like someone right now. I felt myself falling for him and I was holding back; I’m under the impression that, when the time is right, I won’t feel the need to restrain myself. We’re just friends now, and I’m glad we are; we don’t have to deal with that awkward I-liked-you-but-should-I-still-hug-you? type of thing.

–In case you were wondering, I dish out the hugs. Hugs for everyone.. I was voted most huggable in HS, and I was told to do what you’re good and and do what makes you happy. For me, it’s a win-win. I love hugs, and I’m apparently good at them. SWEET.

P.S. Check out our sweet team tank tops we got! I made the design! (Totally take after my momma)